About Best Fit Pet Sit Services and Robin Taylor

My name is Robin Taylor, and I’m the owner/operator of Best Fit Pet Sit Servies. I’ve been an animal lover all of my life and so far I’ve managed to live with dogs, cats, gerbils, hamsters, ferrets, birds, fish, a rabbit, a squirrel, and a turtle.

My first job was as a trainer at Bad Dogs in Atlanta, where I trained dogs in general obedience/tricks, for protection, commercials, and the occasional local celebrity like Hank Aaron. My family eventually convinced me that I needed to go to school and find a “real” job, so I got an Engineering degree and went into sales.

I ran the rat race and climbed the corporate ladder for 20 years, and realized that all a six figure salary brings is more taxes and being away from home all the time. I tried and tried to find a good pet sitter, but never really had much luck. Boarding also wasn’t an option because one of my dogs was a little bit crazy. I had to resort to taking them on my business trips with me, which added an extra layer of stress that just wasn’t necessary.

When that part of my life ended, it was time to find something new to do. It was one of those moments where something just strikes you out of the blue. All of my life I’ve loved animals, and I’d continued to help train and manage nutrition for friends, family, and even my own pets. I could use my business experience and professionalism and fill a need that I’d seen for the longest time. I could work with animals like I’d always wanted to.

Now I’ve realized that it’s more than just being on time and communicating well, it’s about building relationships and in some cases becoming a part of a family. I’ve been there to see the new ones come into the world and I’ve been there to help say goodbye to old friends. I don’t have five dogs and three cats anymore, I have whole families.

I have the best job there is.

-Robin Taylor


Meet the rest of the Best Fit Pet Sit Services team!

Latrece Barcik

Working with animals has been Latrece’s passion since before she could walk. Never in her life has she been without a pet! Growing up she had dogs, cats, rabbits, and goats, and by the age of four she already knew that one day she would have a career working with animals. After deciding that becoming a veterinarian would involve too much heartbreak for an animal lover such as her, she turned to pet sitting – a job that still allows her to be surrounded by the creatures she loves, but also one that is uplifting and an overall positive experience every day. Her love for animals is evident as soon as she comes in contact with any and all types of critters and furry creatures.

As an experienced pet sitter, she has worked with pets and their owners since 2002. She was born and raised in Lawrenceville, GA where she still lives with her husband, thee dogs, and five cats.

In her spare time you will find her working with Angels Among helping them by fostering the most needy dogs they have.


Cheryl Taylor

As a veteran pet sitter, we are very lucky to have Cheryl on board with us. Before moving to Georgia last July, she actually ran her own pet sitting business in Cincinnati.

Connecting with Robin and Gwinnett Pet Watchers has been a true blessing for her because not only can she now do what she loves, but she has also been able to form unique, special bonds with every single pet she sees. This is evident in her every day interactions with animals; she’s even been known to quickly charm one of the most timid dogs on the GPW client list (even to his owner’s surprise!)

Cheryl does Overnight Platinum stays for traveling clients. This service is perfect for those whose pets are used to being around people and/or clients who prefer additional attention to their homes while out of town.                                                        


Jennifer Whiting

Jennifer is a seasoned pet watcher who has worked with animals (specifically dogs) throughout her whole life. In addition to being a Canine Good Citizen (CGC) Evaluator, she does dog obedience training, has worked as a vet tech, and currently works part time at a doggy day care. Although her career has been centered on working with animals, she also finds time to volunteer for various canine organizations in her spare time and is active in pit bull rescue. Clients of Gwinnett Pet Watchers feel very confident when leaving their pups in Jennifer’s hands.

Jennifer handles daily walks, potty breaks, and pet sitting for out of town clients. Her service areas include western Buford, Sugarhill, Suwanee, and down the Peachtree Industrial corridor.



Toni is a Georgia native and is an animal lover at heart. She has always had an animal in her life. She especially loves dogs and grew up around them. She has taken in numerous animals in need and nursed them back to health, and has also rescued many stray dogs. She is the mother of two children and her 8 year old English Bulldog, Bo. Toni is insured, bonded, Pet Tech First Aid and CPR trained, and eager to meet you and your pets!

Cady with Pugsley (and Jasper in the background)

Cady with Pugsley (and Jasper in the background)