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Shiloh The Quiet Beagle Is Waiting For You

Shiloh the rescued beagle

Meet Shiloh! He is a recent rescue by one of our kind Daffy’s Pet Soup Kitchen volunteers, Richard Schmidt just two days ago. Shiloh was wondering around a KFC dumpster, starving and searching for scraps. A near by abandoned home was apparently where he came from, there is a dog house with empty bowls and he seemed comfortable there. Richard says that Shiloh is great with his dogs and cats, but his landlord only allows 3 animals and he’s already got over the limit at 5 dogs and 2 cats from previous rescues. Shiloh was scanned for a microchip and doesn’t have one. It looks as if someone abandoned this poor fella, and possibly abused him. Shiloh has a couple of burn marks on his neck and is a little timid and reluctant and quite docile. Even though he looks as if he is a full blooded beagle, Shiloh doesn’t bark much, even when Richard’s dogs are. Shiloh isn’t neutered yet, and Richard is hoping a rescue group has an available foster home so he doesn’t get in (more) trouble with his landlord. If you can help or would like to adopt Shiloh, please call Richard at 678-237-8049 or email me at

Shiloh the rescue beagle