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Gwinnett Pet Food Bank Moves to Lawrenceville, GA

Denny and I have been volunteering with Daffy’s Pet Soup Kitchen for a few years now, but Tom Wargo has been running this charity since 1997, assisting people with pet food and supplies when they need them most. This keeps so many pets out of the high kill shelters here in Gwinnett. Here’s a great news story that Gwinnett Daily Post recently did on Daffy’s: Click Here

Daffy’s Pet Soup Kitchen has moved from Lilburn to Lawrenceville, and are opening a new and used pet supplies (and much more) shop on Wednesday, 1/25/2012. Their location is 134 S. Clayton St. Suite 104, Lawrenceville, GA (on the lower level of the Lawrenceville Square shopping center, pretty much right underneath Metro Thrift Store. Turn onto Nash St. between Long John Silvers and Lawrenceville City Hall and look for the roll up garage doors and green awnings).

Here is some history to give you an idea of how far Daffy’s Pet Soup Kitchen has come.

History of Daffy’s Pet Soup Kitchen/The S.O.S Club of GA

In this economic downturn, people are having a hard enough time caring for their families, keeping their house, and keeping their family happy just to be together. People are learning to get back to the basics. Feeding peoples pets are a basic need. For some though, this basic need is not met. This is why we don’t want them to worry about how to feed and care for the pets and tearing that family apart.

1997 – 2007

  • Started SOS Club in 1997.
  • SOS Club was the first pet food bank in the country to help individuals with pet food.
  • Tom handed out pet food and supplies from his truck.
  • Handed out over 50,000 lbs of food in 10 years.
  • All food was purchased by Tom or by his friends and family.


  • Tom created Daffy’s Pet Soup Kitchen, after his dog Daffy.
  • Opened first warehouse in September.
  • Handed out over 50,000 lbs of food and supplies.
  • Had over 350 clients needing assistance.
  • Fed over 21,000 meals.
  • Assisted in getting over 50 pets spayed/neutered.


  • Handed out approximately 500,000 lbs of supplies in Georgia alone.
  • Have over 750 clients in need at (3) locations in Georgia.
  • Have assisted Animal Controls and Rescues in need with over 100,000 lbs of food and supplies.
  • Serving over 60 counties in Georgia.
  • Assisted in starting over 50 pet soup kitchens across the country.
  • Through media, let the country see the need for pet food banks.
  • Got stories in every local paper and news media in Georgia, stories in (3) national magazines, articles in papers across the country, listed on national pet websites, awards for outstanding public service, and listings on state agencies websites.
  • Sponsored by National Pet Food Corporations.
  • Recognized and Listed by National Pet Organizations.


  • Establish (15) Daffy’s across Georgia to help those out of reach now.
  • Distribute over 1,000,000 lbs of supplies in Georgia.
  • Find over 1500 clients to assist.
  • Supply over 4,000,000 meals to pets.
  • Assist in over 2500 spay / neuters in Georgia.
  • Have volunteers give back to Georgia at 5000 hrs per month.
  • Create better living situations for pets and their families.
  • Devote more time to our other programs.
Our programs are limited by our budget. As most of you know, our funding goes a long way. We run all these programs on individual donations and local support. We do not receive government grants or corporate grants.
The kind man feeds his beast before sitting down to dinner. – Hebrew Proverb